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By Douglas Black on 2020-03-23 11:26:31 -

Simple Synchro-tilt Control 2-way Height Adjustable Arms Black Mesh Back Air Grid Mesh Seat 3” Thick High Resilient Molded Foam Seat


By Douglas Black on 2019-05-16 18:31:06 -

Benching in the open office environment has take the work place by storm.  The open, collaborative environment has replaced cubicle walls.

Oxygen is our go-to benching system.  Offering great flexibility, style, remarkable electrical and data management capabilities, it allows you to customize your open office in more ways than you can "shake a stick at!".

Please reach out to us for help with planning and design.  We provide outstanding service and it's included in the package!


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Oxygen Benching

The GREAT 216 Chair

By Douglas Black on 2019-05-09 13:12:05 -

One of the most significant and important things employers do is keep their staff safe.  I safe healthy work place not only makes sense so people don't get injured, but it's also practical.  

An employee who is comfortable (not "Home on the sofa" comfortable"), so they aren't fighing their work environment as well as the job at hand, is more productive.  And, as we all know, small improvements in productivity have a significant, out-sized impact on the bottom line.

Enter the 216 chair.  It's a terrific ergo product, offering passive as well as active ergonomic benefits.

If improving your productivity would benefit you (yes, I know that's like asking who doesn't like water? isn't it?), click here.

Black Ergo Task Chair

Year End Opportunity

By Douglas Black on 2017-12-19 18:46:49 -

2017 has been a tumultuous year for many of us, and the excitement and craziness of it has only been eclipsed by the speed with which it seems to have passed by!

In 11 days it will be 2018!  That's crazy.

To wish you all well at the end of 2017, we are offering 2 of our most popular chairs at ridiculous prices.

The Strata Lite executive task chair is, until the end of 2017 available for just $299.00 WITH FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the continental US!  Regular pricing on this chair is $380.00. Click HERE to see the Strata

Also, the Torsa chair, an amazing ergonomic, comfortable chair is on sale for just $384.00, including free freight anywhere in the 48 contiguous states!

3 New Design Trends Improve Productivity

By Douglas Black on 2016-04-26 13:45:29 -

These three office design trends can help you to keep employees engaged and maximize your office’s functionality.

#1) Streamline the Look of the Office – Easiest way to do it:  Hide the wires!  Doing so will promote efficiency and focus within the workplace.  Even a $30,000 conference table can look cluttered and unprofessional if wires are not concealed properly.  Consider looking into new office solutions that meet this need.

#2) Provide Designated Lounge Areas – Incorporating a relaxing space into your office design can encourage brain stimulation and team building.  Wireless technology can also turn these lounge areas into individual work environments or meeting spaces that boost the flow of employee creativity.

#3) Incorporate Flexibility – Multi-function is the wave of the future.  Traditional cubicle systems are being rethought into furniture that allows for easy reconfiguration.  Employees can collaborate – or work independently – with ease.  Providing variety within the office environment is another way to keep employees engaged and thinking intelligently.

--Helping to keep your office space fresh and productive is our goal.  Please reach out to us if we can assist you in any way.

Improve Morale Using 3 Simple Methods

By Douglas Black on 2016-04-26 13:42:24 -

Even the most positive of office cultures needs a boost in morale every once in a while.  Here are three ways you can boost morale in your office immediately.

#1) Get better at ‘noticing’ – In addition to noticing the dollar signs (meeting sales goals, etc.), consider calling people out for outstanding efficiency, team work, or positive attitude.  This reminds employees that all aspects of their performance are noticed.  Think: a positive email, a comment in person, a quick 'thumbs up' as you walk by, or even an announcement at the company meeting.  Notice somehow… and then notice your office’s improved morale. 

#2) Open the Floor – Whether formally asking for suggestions at a company meeting or informally seeking feedback in casual conversation with an employee, opening the floor tells employees that they have a voice.  Employees will feel valued, and you may just walk away with extremely valuable suggestions 

#3) Be the example of high morale yourself – A cheerful and sincere ‘hello’ in the mornings may be the key to a more positive office environment.  Instead of grumbling at mistakes, ask ‘What went wrong so this doesn’t happen again?’ or ‘What about this can be made into something positive?’  Your example of optimism is sure to get noticed and may rub off on those around you. 

--We at Indoff are pleased to be a part of creating a more pleasant and productive office environment.  Please call us if we can be of assistance to you.

3 Apps Guaranteed to Improve Your Productivity

By Douglas Black on 2016-04-14 02:16:56 -
  1. CamScan – You’ll never have to print, scan, and fax documents again when you download this app for iPhone.  CamScan uses your phone’s camera to ‘scan’ documents that can then be saved as JPEG or PDF files and easily emailed for free (or even faxed for a nominal fee) from your phone.  With CamScan there’s no need to stress about getting back to the office to send in that paperwork while you’re on the road with this app.
  2. FileThis – FileThis automatically gathers your online statements and then turns them into searchable PDFs for your convenience.  These files are then delivered to the cloud storage system of your choice (think OneDrive or Dropbox), allowing you to access all of the documents and statements you’ll need in one convenient place.  You are allowed 6 ‘connections’ (bank statements, cc statements, utilities, etc.) for free and up to 30 connections with a premium plan.
  3. 30/30 – 30/30 is a timer and task manager that looks great and is actually fun to use.  It makes creating lists and defining timers easy enough so that it’s actually pleasant to keep using the app, unlike many dull apps of this type.  Keep yourself on task and productive using 30/30 so that you end your day with the satisfaction that only productivity can bring.

Harness the Power of 3!

By Douglas Black on 2016-04-14 02:11:16 -

Three Musketeers, Three Amigos, Three Kings – It’s clear that 3 is a number of wisdom, good fortune, and strength.

You stand to benefit as we at Indoff embrace the power of three!  Our new blog series will share 3 tips, tricks, or facts in each post that cover topics including: leadership, technology, design, the office environment, safety, ergonomics, motivation, new products, and even the occasional book review – all for the express purpose of improving your life. 

To start, here are three reasons to tune in to our coming blogs:

  • They’re interesting – We won’t post anything we wouldn’t be willing to read ourselves.
  • They’re a quick read – We know you’re busy, so we’ll make our blog posts pack a punch. Just three quick tips, and you’re on your way to increased efficiency.
  • They’re useful – We’ll do the research for you and be your one stop shop for simple ways to improve your own productivity, the productivity of others, and your own quality of life.  

We look forward to serving you.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.

Color and Mood

By Douglas Black on 2016-01-20 13:38:04 -

Have you ever noticed how many restaurants have black and white checker flooring? Did you know that this particular pattern subtly influences customers to eat faster? The design of an area can have a noticeable impact on guests. When a new guest or client comes into an office or business for the first time, oftentimes there is an aura of hesitation or unease because they don’t know what to expect. A child’s visit to the dentist or doctor is usually full of tension and unrest, for example. Obviously this can be melted away by a warm greeting or a friendly introduction from a receptionist; however, the furniture of the office itself can also ease some of the initial jitters one might feel. Entering a building and seeing a beautiful reception area, with the design such that the colors blend in a way that calms the mind can make the entire process much smoother for the incoming guests.

40 Seating






If you can see this as being beneficial to your business call 714-777-8316 today and we can discuss the best way to make your office space an area where everyone can feel and be more productive. Alternatively, you can contact me at doug.black@indoff.com

Ergonomic evaluation

By Douglas Black on 2015-12-02 11:18:17 -

One of the least considered, and yet most beneficial things a company can do is to evaluate the ergonomic function of their employees' work areas.  This is true regardless of the type of employee, whether it be office staff, warehouse worker or whatever.  This can result in both improved productivity and, at least as important, minimize the risk of workplace injury.

There are many simple yet beneficial things to do at a given work area.  Sometimes this involves needing a new item or two, but more often than not, it simply means using (or teaching the employee how to use) existing items the way they were designed.  I can't tell you how many times I have walked through a company's offices and seen otherwise good ergonomic task chairs so maladjusted that no human could reasonably sit in comfort.  And of course, those employees hated their chair, and had attitudes to match.  With the consent of the owner/manager, many times I have taken 3-5 minutes and with just that much instruction, most employees are more comfortable and, of course, happier.

It's difficult to quantify the increase in productivity in these cases, but if a $10/hour employee makes one less 10 minute trip to the "water cooler" each day, the annual benefit to the company is over $400.  Not a bad investment of 3-5 minutes, don't you agree?

If you would like a complementary ergo evaluation, please give us a call at 800-833-7017 or email at doug.black@indoff.com . If you are in our service area, we will be happy to provide.